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Three-Technology in 2015 to celebrate the New Year Gala
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  Jun Ma Gongcheng power to lead, the Sooners had good news to Ram. Unknowingly spent three-Technology booming year, accompanied by the sweat of joy, success accompanied by hard, passionate farewell to 2014, to meet the new evening 2015.12 31 months, the company staff gathered to hold New Year's Day 2015 Gala.
  At the beginning of the evening, ladies and vice president of the company's work were reported in 2014, then chairman jiafu sound caused Year message to all employees, summarized the results in 2014, and in 2015 raised new hopes that a better 2015 .
  In dynamic music accompaniment, Apple opened a small dance party of the entire curtain, the audience enthusiasm everywhere, applause; then is our part of the game, treasure hunts Tibet, rigged, and men Pinjiu craps and other games, each have their own fun, a group of people in a sea of joy! Employees and leaders who have served the song "good brothers", "Little Apple", "You look across the seas", "Long time no see," "rolling Yangtze River eastward", "Northland", "Tomorrow will be better "," memorable Tonight "styles, the most popular. In additio jiafu tone chairman personally for the grand prize winners were awarded prizes notebook. Of course, the lottery is not an end, more incentives.
  The party was a complete success under the leadership and staff of the joint efforts, I believe I will be the party as a starting point in the new year to forge ahead toward a new goal, and hard work.

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